"Do-Its" Design Challenge
Project Info
Timeline: 2 days
Type: Research, Concept Design, UX Design
Client: Hellosaurus
Hellosaurus is an award-winning interactive video platform where kids actively participate in a story. Kids learn through play by doing activities — drawing, sorting, singing, taking photos, problem-solving— with characters like The Wiggles and Luna Muna.

These activities, called “Do-Its,” are the interactive components of stories in the Hellosaurus app. The goal of these Do-Its is to combine digital and physical interactivity to keep kids fully engaged throughout the story.
The Challenge
Design out the gameplay of a Do-It from the story prompt to the different interaction states.
Psychological theory
Children who use the Hellosaurus app are mostly between 2-8 years old. I pulled from some of social learning theories to understand their state of mind and how a Do-It could impact these children.
My Findings
State of mind
The social constructivist approach of social learning posits that children are active participants in the formation of their own knowledge. They experience and observe the world, reflect on those experiences, and construct their model of the world.

One critical part of children’s development is the gradual development of morality and empathy. Children at this age are in the preconventional stage of morality, where their sense of morality are externally formed. They look toward their environment—people, consequences of actions—to make their moral decisions. Thus, it is important to reinforce sociomoral expectations like sharing, caring for others, etc, as children prepare or enter school.
Potential Impact
The Hellosaurus app acts as one component of a greater ecosystem of learning. (see Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system theory) I wanted my Do-It to be applicable in developing epistemic knowledge, but also socioemotional knowledge.
how Hellosaurus lies within the Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system model
The Problem
How might we create a new interactive activity that can help promote empathy in children?
initial thoughts
Key goals
  1. Parents and children have an opportunity for a conversation about empathy and its importance
  2. Children feel an internal sense of care and kindness for others
  3. Children are better able to take the perspective of different characters
Constraints & Considerations
  1. Difference in cognitive ability (reading, speech comprehension, etc.)
  2. Difference in physical ability (gross and fine motor skills)
  3. The story prompt communicates empathy; the Do-It enhances this communication
  4. Safety + privacy: parental supervision is not guaranteed
  5. Flexibility in application: The Do It functions as part of a bigger storyline, so it should accommodate multiple stories
Research + Validation
Interactive storybooks integrate different activities to engage children while furthering a story.
Using these storybook activities as inspiration, I came up with some possible Do-Its.

I then looked at current storylines available on the Hellosaurus app to check which of my ideas could fit into, replace and/or improve the Do Its used in an existing video.
tap to reveal some annotations
Value mapping of each idea. Educational value scores was determined by the sums of each idea’s epistemic and socioemotional value
Two of my ideas, Rub It and Cut It, seemed promising in teaching children social/moral learnings. I ended up choosing to move forward with Cut It because Cut It:
  1. occupies a more empty niche (has more unique applications)
  2. ties nicely with other existing Do Its, especially Put It and Stamp it
  3. has a more direct academic application (teaching fractions)
Storyline Design
To create the storyboard, I wrote down a series of events that included Cut It and an existing Do It. I wanted the story to be a plausible real-life scenario that would teach not only academic skills like math but also soft skills like creativity and prosociality.
Make a pizza with Lachy from The Wiggles
storyboard Design analysis
Final Story prototype
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