Through writing, I find comfort and clarity in the slowing of my thoughts. Writing forces me to think more critically about my intuitions and ideas, which allows me to understand the world (and myself) better.

I’m also forcing myself to be more comfortable putting my writing out in the public. So, here are some pieces that are out there on the internet...
a scene from the movie Arrival: 4 people in orange hazmat suits approach a rectangular opening, almost like a cave opening. The surroundings are flat and dark, and the opening is bright.
Peering into the Paracosm
I wrote about how Ted Chiang’s “Story of Our Life and Others” relates to speculative design, careers, and moral challenges. Featured in a Reboot newsletter.
painting of Fyodor Dostoevsky: a man with a beard and a brown overcoat
Master and Serf as Mind and Body
A literary analysis of a character in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “Notes from Underground.” I talk about the philosophical idea of the mind-body dichotomy, demonism, and the master-serf relationship in Russia (pre- and post- emancipation of the serfs).

Honorable mention in the North American Dostoevsky Society’s student essay competition.