Pricing Page Redesign
Project Info
Timeline: ~3 months
Type: Internship, Research, UX Design, Testing
Design Team: me, Zack Davenport
Hellosaurus is an award-winning interactive video platform where kids actively participate in a story. Kids learn through play by doing activities with characters like The Wiggles and Luna Muna.

I joined a small team of 2 other designers, where I took on various projects from designing the android version of the app to coming up with voiceover content. And there were a lot of fun moments throughout!
The Project + Impact
One of my main projects was to redesign the pricing page and increase its clarity. The project used a phased testing approach to assess different versions of our onboarding flow and pricing page. We used the subscription conversion rate—how many people decide to purchase a subscription—as a success metric.

Our team consisted of designers to independently redesign the screen, engineers to deploy them, and data scientists to analyze the screen’s performance.

After our final testing phase, we were able to increase subscription conversions by about 200%. The redesign is live on the app now.
The context
The Old Design
Areas for improvement
  • Comparing plan prices is confusing because units are different and there are a lot of many numbers
  • Lifestyle photography takes up almost half the page which competes for the eye’s attention
  • Elements can be cleaned up / distributed better
I started by compiling pricing page screenshots from different apps, noting the trends I saw.
Main research Takeaways
  1. We need to reciprocate. There should be some outline of the benefits of a paid plan. The most common (and effective) form is as a list of benefits.
  2. We need to be clear. Comparing plans and prices should be effortless. Everything—the plans, the pricing, the benefits—should be visible at all times. Payment information and/or process might be clarified.
  3. We need to be respectful. Make sure the exit is visible so users do not feel trapped.
  4. We need to be clean. White space clears and calms the mind. Remove clutter and link out elements. The page should not look like an ad.
  5. We need to be concise. Convey only what is needed in the copy. A list of benefits should be limited to at most 5 points.
Low-fidelity Designs
I presented some low-fidelity layout designs to the team for feedback. We moved forward with the third option because of its economical use of space and minimal text.
pricing page final design
I am so grateful to have had this internship experience. I love this team—people who are so passionate about education and what they do. From the very start I was welcomed as part of the team.

I learned a lot, met wonderful people, and loved my work. It was a fun journey—one that I would embark on again and again!

Special shoutout to Zack, my mentor, who guided me in everything from design work to transitioning out of undergrad to moving to nyc.
Other highlights
  • Winning the company hackathon during our virtual retreat
  • Playing gartic phone during team socials
  • Attending monthly All Claws
  • Seeing kids’ excitement when playing on the app
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